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    I write social commentary in which I put current events into perspective. My writing has to fulfil two objectives: it should be insightful, enabling a reader to make up his mind; it also aims to steer public opinion with ideas. While writing I picture myself conversing with my readers, mingling slow-paced, contemplative sentences with short, punchy lines that express my view. I write about a wide array of topics, as long as I can take them beyond the here and now. Recommended articles

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    As a photographer I am particularly interested in action based photography. I like the rush of one-time opportunities and to improvise and push myself to make the best of it. The images of cyclists, people in the street and public transport are examples of this. But I also appreciate the subtleties of smaller things and the tranquillity that one finds in the countryside or possibly in the city, with light changing during the day and over the year. Portfolio

Oorlog in vredestijd

Terrorisme als bij Charlie Hebdo is iets seculiers dat bij een samenleving hoort. Er zijn altijd weer groepen die zich met geweld afzetten.

Durf brengt vertrouwen

Het hoogste percentage PVV-stemmers en het minste vertrouwen in de medemens. Limburg lijkt vooral zichzelf steeds weer in de weg te zitten.