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  • pen BW


    I write social commentary in which I put current events into perspective. With my writing I aim to be insightful, enabling readers to make up their minds, while also steering public opinion with ideas. I tend to mingle slow-paced, contemplative sentences with short, punchy lines that are more expressive. Topics of interest include: economics, (geo)politics and society. Recommended articles

  • photography BW


    As a photographer I like the rush of one-time opportunities, the type of photography that requires moving fast and improvising. The images of cyclists, people in the street and public transport are examples of this. But I also appreciate the tranquillity that one finds in the countryside, with light changing during the day and throughout the year. Portfolio

Ontwikkelingshulp voor migranten

Ontwikkelingshulp voor migranten helpt om de stroom vluchtelingen in te dammen. Alleen zo neemt de aantrekkingskracht af die Europa heeft.

Griechisches Roulette

Wenn Griechenland aus dem Euro austritt, wird die Rechnung geteilt und es wird deutlich, wie sehr wir uns ins eigene Bein geschossen haben.